Who we are

Rock with Attitude and not Caring what people think !
The Heathens came about because we wanted something different and couldnt find it, so we decided to do it ourselves ! We want to give rock a new look with Graphics that we want. All around we see the same S**T being regurgitated and spewed out but in different colours.

Our aim is to give you something different, Something that will make you stand out from all the other sheep around. The look of ROCK is our style but with a twist of our own. For both men and women we want to give you something different.

The Graphics you see are what we want and what we have designed and made, The prints are all printed by our owns hands so every one will have a slightly different look to it.
For men we want to be aggressive and more heavy with the T, For the girls we want the rock, we want the attitude, but have a bit of romance in there.

If you like want you see, buy it Wear it and post your selfie up on the site to show you are Following US ! And you are one of US !