Season Starts with up and coming blogger "Anna Bohho" January 27, 2016 22:33


And here we are 2016 ! I for one am really excited about this year,  Last year we had the pleasure to work with the a host of cool talent. And we are looking to keep that up in this year too.  Last year We kicked off with our first photo shoot for the Heathens with the amazing GAIA  MUSACCHIO where we shot our first and 2nd collections.

This was followed by a MEGA review of our our Ts on the T-shirt blog site HIDE YOUR ARMS who is rated  among the top ten for T-shirt bloggers !  This was the first test for what we had created and where we wanted to go. We wanted to hear what people had to say about our shit and a big T-Shirt blogger is exactly what we needed !

We followed that up with a photo shoot in London at Mount Pleasant Studios for our  third collection with the very talented and up and coming photographer Sabrina of SABBOU PHOTOGRAPHY. For the shoot our modelling was done by future dance stars from the prestigious Urdang Academy Molly Bayston, Jack Dargan & Sophie Davies.  We had a full day of shooting in the studio and on on site to try and get the looks we wanted ! And they turned out AMAZING ! Check them out.


Following our London shoot we had our first advert featured in the Uk edition of VICE Magazine which was great to get our Ts out to a wider audience !  It was a hard choice to pic the final pic as we had so many good shots ! !


So to kick start our new year we wanted to continue where we left off 2015, working with new up and coming talent, Who have the same ideals and direction as The Heathens And we have found just that in the beautiful and talented  ANNABOHHO. Based in Barcelona she has a plethora of talent and creative style. She is a breath of fresh air to all the other bloggers out there who conform to the standard fit of bloggers. Anna has created a different look to her images, creating a collection of shots from fashion still lifes, Atmospheric black and white pics to more emotional images.   With a Instagram page full of inspirational styles and looks we wanted get her into our Ts and to get to know more about her. Guys & Girls we give you

Anna Bohho


H: Lets get straight to it, How did you get into being a blogger ?
AB: Well i always wanted to be a model, so i would watch models  and practice in my bedroom and with my friends.  A friend said why not try putting some pictures onto instagram as it is a good way to get noticed ?

H: I had noticed since we first met your followers have increased quite rapidly !
AB: I know its very exciting.  I Like to make my photographs have a cool fashion look to them but also I like to capture either the feelings of the people or get them a smile!

H: Do you also work with a photographer to take your shots or are they on a timer ?
AB: I did a few pictures myself but then started working with a professional called  Carla Deltoro.

H: Its quite different experience with a professional Photographer !
AB: Definitely it brought a whole new feel to my images and they looked so much more professional !

AB: I also like to add a quote or a philosophical quote from my favourite philosopher and a close friend  Lucas Federico Gaalliano. He is quite a inspirational, his quotes really hit home ifeel.

H: Seeing that you have a eye for fashion, who are your favourite designers ?
AB: Ohhh well I'm a romantic bohemian when it comes to who i like, Coco Channel is one of my favourites, They way they execute their collections is just perfect, A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous One of my favourite quotes from Coco ! I also love Calvin Klein they are very classy in how they present and designer their collections.

H: How did you come about the name Anna Bohho ?
AB: Well Anna is my first name as you can imagine and Bohho is from the Bohemian which is kind of how i describe my style. So i just put the 2 together and yeah “Anna Bohho”

H: So what is next for “Anna Bohho” ?

AB:  Well of course more pictures and more modelling! And of course making people smile.  want to grow as a blogger and a model and its a new year so we will see where it takes me.

We thank you Anna Bohho, and here is the shoot you have been waiting for. It was a pleasure to work with you on this shoot and of course we look forward to working with you in the future.



You can keep up with ANNABOHHO and her amazing work on her websites at:


Keep an eye out for our next blogg coming soon

Till next "The Heathens"



3 x 2 Our first sale is here ! September 7, 2015 09:44

So we are trying out our first SALE !

Not sure if this is even blog material but lets try any ways. This is how it is going to work !

1) Order the 2 Ts you want

2) Mail me to say which free T you want

3) They all get posted together

The free T will be the cheapest of the 3 or of equal price.

So that is the plan so lets see how it goes.

New Ideas for The Heathens July 27, 2015 10:03

So we are working on our new graphics and while doing some trials we created these little gems !

We are working on new ideas and doing more work with mixing print techniques to give the graphics a little more depth. With mixing a water print where the colour will always have a mat look to it, and then printing over the top with a Plastisol print we hope to achieve this new depth. The way we have mixed the plastisol ink it will have a great shine to it. And we dont just want a flat shiney print we want something that can be felt so we have printed a few layers so it gives the print a bit more height !  While doing these trials we tried a plastisol print ink black ink on a black base T. We found the more passes we do the highed the level becomes and also it gets smoother ! So it will have a better touch to it.

The out come was we ran with some black on black prints and they look preety awesome !

So we are toying with the idea of a line of Heathens Ts that can be a bit more cool loking a bit more disco even.

Could ne the birth of The Heathens "BACK LINE" something we had in mind when we started............. Lets see


Guys at The Heathens



Welcome to the Heathens ! June 23, 2015 23:04

Well here we are !

Finally we have our printing shit setup, we have our website setup, we have ideas for new Ts flying around all the time so thats all good. But what we need is a following ! So here we are in the blog section to get it on the way !

We hope to use this to keep you guys in touch with what we have going on and what we are looking forward to doing in the future. We also have our Instagram account which is where we post most of our, how shall we say ACTION SHOTS, so you can check them out by clicking the little instagram box below. And also our FACEBOK account  which is also up and running !


In the near future we will be working with a awesome blogger who is writing up a story about us, we will be featured in VICE magazine and we will also be looking to throw out some promotional shit right out there.

So keep up with us Guys and Gals the road is long and we are already on the move !


The Heathen Guy

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