New Ideas for The Heathens July 27, 2015 10:03

So we are working on our new graphics and while doing some trials we created these little gems !

We are working on new ideas and doing more work with mixing print techniques to give the graphics a little more depth. With mixing a water print where the colour will always have a mat look to it, and then printing over the top with a Plastisol print we hope to achieve this new depth. The way we have mixed the plastisol ink it will have a great shine to it. And we dont just want a flat shiney print we want something that can be felt so we have printed a few layers so it gives the print a bit more height !  While doing these trials we tried a plastisol print ink black ink on a black base T. We found the more passes we do the highed the level becomes and also it gets smoother ! So it will have a better touch to it.

The out come was we ran with some black on black prints and they look preety awesome !

So we are toying with the idea of a line of Heathens Ts that can be a bit more cool loking a bit more disco even.

Could ne the birth of The Heathens "BACK LINE" something we had in mind when we started............. Lets see


Guys at The Heathens