Welcome to the Heathens ! June 23, 2015 23:04

Well here we are !

Finally we have our printing shit setup, we have our website setup, we have ideas for new Ts flying around all the time so thats all good. But what we need is a following ! So here we are in the blog section to get it on the way !

We hope to use this to keep you guys in touch with what we have going on and what we are looking forward to doing in the future. We also have our Instagram account which is where we post most of our, how shall we say ACTION SHOTS, so you can check them out by clicking the little instagram box below. And also our FACEBOK account  which is also up and running !


In the near future we will be working with a awesome blogger who is writing up a story about us, we will be featured in VICE magazine and we will also be looking to throw out some promotional shit right out there.

So keep up with us Guys and Gals the road is long and we are already on the move !


The Heathen Guy